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To bring customers infinite enjoyment, AVES strives for providing superior Audio-Visual Entertainment System by launching broadcasting and telecommunications products with professional quality and premium design. Our star product category is DAB radios; and we specialize in iPhone docking speakers, bluetooth speakers, headphones, digital cordless phones, digital picture frames and digital cameras.  As a British digital brand, AVES successfully blends the ultimate acoustic quality and modern style together by virtue of its superior and reliable quality and innovative design.

AVES is the scientific name of bird which is the most speciose class of tetrapod vertebrates.  Birds are sociable animals with well-developed sense of sight and delightful sound.  They communicate by visual signals as well as voice and singing.  Having very strong vitality and resilience, they inhabit ecosystems across the globe.  AVES signifies birds’ distinguished characteristics.  The brand named as AVES symbolizes its broad product line, spreading the rich, delightful, clear and precise acoustic quality and delicate and vivid visual images all over the world.

AVES is named with the acronym of the brand’s four core values, which embody the ultimate audio and vibrant vitality.  Dedicated to humanity, AVES elevates customers’ life to a higher level of enjoyment, relationship and entertainment.  The use of aves blue conveys the meaning of “dignity” where the classic advantage in unique style is shown with the intelligent digital technologies.   With our expertise in quality and innovative design of digital convergence, AVES products touch every soul by delicate sound and images.

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  • Vibrant & Vitality
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